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Candle Making Supplies


Your complete headquarters for all of your candle making supplies.  Buy your supplies from Candle Makers

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Soy Container Wax
Soy Votive Wax
Candle Glass & Tins
Candle Fragrance Oils
Candle Dyes
Wax Melters
Shrink Wrap Systems
Wick Clips & Tensioners
Heat Guns
Candle Wicks & Tabs
Candle Additives
Tart Clam Shell Molds
Tea Light Boxes
Tea Light Cups
Votive Boxes
Votive Molds & Pins
Tea Light Boxes
Glue Guns
Caution Labels
Soy Candle Information
   Benefits Of Soy
   Soy Wax FAQ
   Health, Economy, Environment
We can provide you with the components to make your own candles or we would be happy to provide you with custom labeled candles ready for resale. 

Candle Making

Soap Wizards has been a supplier to Home Crafters since 1997.  We have now expanded our line to include candle making supplies in addition to soap and cosmetic supplies.

All of our prices are wholesale to the crafting market.  Most of our product prices are volume sensitive and larger purchasers will generally receive lower pricing.  In spite of this,  all customers receive wholesale prices.

Soy Container Wax

Candle Wicks & Tabs

             Candle Proven Fragrance Oils

  Candle Dyes

Soy Votive Wax

Candle Glass & Tins

  Tea Light Cups Metal and Plastic

     Wick Clips

  Votive Boxes & Trays

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Shrink Wrap Equipment & Supplies

    Tart Clam Shell Molds




Heat Guns

Caution Labels

Tuff Kote Labels

Votive Molds

     Wax Melters

Folding Tea Light Boxes

Glue Guns & Glue Sticks


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