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Daisy Inserts

Introducing daisy insert soaps for loaves and bars.

What are they?

Daisy inserts measure approximately 7-1/2" long and weigh approximately 2.7 oz each.  They can be inserted in your loaves.  If your loaves are longer than the insert, just cut them and continue to add them until they fill the loaf mold.

Daisys in loaf of soap


How are they purchased?

The inserts are packaged 8 to a bag and the bag weighs approximately 1.3 lbs.  Each bag sells for $6.75 which makes the inserts $.84 each.


  Clear Soap Base Part Number WhiteSoapBase Part Number
  Clear (No Color) 011-017-001 White
True Red Dye 011-017-004 True Red Dye
Dark Red Dye 011-017-003 Dark Red Dye
Bright Red Dye 011-017-002 Bright Red Dye
Dark Blue Dye 011-017-005 Dark Blue Dye
Bright Yellow Dye 011-017-006 Bright Yellow Dye
Orange Dye 011-017-008 Orange Dye
Bright Green Dye 011-017-007 Bright Green Dye
Pink Dye 011-017-009 Pink Dye
Black Pigment 011-017-010 Black Pigment
Brown Pigment 011-017-011 Brown Pigment
Forest Green Pigment 011-017-012 Forest Green Pigment
Ochre Red Pigment 011-017-013 Ochre Red Pigment
Teal Green Pigment 011-017-014 Teal Green Pigment
Ultramarine Blue Pigment 011-017-015 Ultramarine Blue Pigment
Ultramarine Pink Pigment 011-017-016 Ultramarine Pink Pigment
Ultramarine Violet Pigment 011-017-017 Ultramarine Violet Pigment
Mustard Yellow Pigment 011-017-018 Mustard Yellow Pigment

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