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Bulk Glycerin Soap


Our Crafters Select soap base is very competitively priced from $1.72 per pound. This glycerin soap base tends to be somewhat hard but it is flexible and crafts well. Its hardness will also make it last longer. Also, we have never handled a soap that foams as well as this one does.

Crafters Select and Goats Milk soaps come in 25lb blocks which are packed one block per box. Each block measures 12"x9"x6". This makes them easy to handle and economical to ship.

Glycerin Melt & Pour soap comes in many varieties and qualities. For many of our customers, the most important qualities are:

1. A fair and competitive price

2. Easy to handle size

3. Stable when exposed to temp extremes

4. Melt/gel range of 150/120 Deg F

5. Handles colors & fragrances well

6. Maximum clarity and minimum of yellow color

7. The right balance of hardness and flexibility

Pricing will depend upon the number of blocks purchased. Our soap prices range from $1.72 per pound to $1.87 per pound depending upon quantity ordered. In every case, our first significant price break occurs when volume exceeds 200 pounds of soap. It is at this point that UPS freight charges drop considerably (Up to 42% depending upon location) and we pass these freight savings directly to our customers.

Note: Soap Wizards is not responsible for products you create from our supplies. Safety and compatibility issues are your sole responsibility.

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