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Colors (Pigments & Dyes)


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        Hobby Dye Set          Professional Dyes and Pigments

Hobby Dye Packs are made up of 2oz bottles of Red, Blue, and Yellow dye.   These colors represent a dilute solution of our Pro-Dyes.  We offer them because many customers wish to have a dilute solution for use in making very small batches.  They are shipped with screw caps but are also provided with disk caps for dispension.

Larger customers should purchase the Pro-Dyes which are a much better value.  They are almost 10 times as strong as the Hobby Dyes.   Pro-Dyes are glycerin solution approved for use in soaps, lotions, gels, and other cosmetic products.  These super-concentrated dyes will go a very long way in your products.  Although they do not have UV stabilizers in them, they are relatively stable over time.

Dyes are transparent and will leave your clear soap clear.  They also produce very intense colors.  The downside is that they will bleed.  In other words, a red heart in white soap will begin with a pink halo around the heart after a few days and over several weeks the heart will fade as the dye turns the rest of the bar a pink color.   This happens because the dye is soluble in several of the soap ingredients and cannot be contained.  It is much like a smoke ring dissipating into the air.

Our Pro-Dyes are available in several sizes including: 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz and 128oz bottles.  The 16-128oz buttles do not come with dispensor caps.

Pro-Pigments are generally oxides in a glycerin solution.  They are insoluble and are very stable in soaps.  They will not bleed and are ideal for many applications where bleeding of colors is objectionable.  The pigment colors do not tend to be as intense as the dyes but many soapers prefer them.  We feel that making soap with only one or the other is like painting without a full pallet.  Both have their proper use when designing fun and colorful soaps.  We do, however, recommend dyes for use in the bulk liquid products because they mix easier, do not remain on the skin, and do not leave residue in the bath tub.

We offer the pigments in the same sizes as the Pro-Dyes.  Pigments are in suspension rather than solution.  For this reason, they will settle out over time.   We recommend that you vigorously shake each bottle every time you use it to assure that the pigment is evenly distributed in the glycerin and that you have the same strength every time you use it.

We use both the pigments and dye colorants and work around the strengths and weaknesses of both.  The best way to experiment with new and exciting colors is to try both the Natural Pack Pigments Natural Packth.j[g.jpg (10449 bytes)and the Unnatural Pack Unnatural Packth.jpg (10693 bytes)Dyes.   These small packets of powdered dyes and pigments allow you to try a wide selection colors at a low price.  This small investment will pay large dividends in more exciting soap creations.  Just mix some of the powdered dyes and pigments with a little water before mixing into your soaps and cosmetics.  This is not necessary with the Pro products.


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