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Finished Soaps


Finished Soaps

Our company specializes in a single form of bath soaps. These are loaf soaps. Our loaves weigh approximately 3.8 lbs each and measure 8-1/3" long, 4-5/8" wide and 2-1/2" high. The loaves are generally cut into 11 slices measuring 3/4" thick and all loaves sell for $22.00 each. Typically the slices sell at retail for $5.00-$6.00 each.

Most customers prefer to have their slices cut from the loaf before their eyes but not all retailers have the space or the personnel to do this for their customers. If you do, it makes a great impression and the customers love it. For those who have never sold loaf soap before, we offer what we call a starter kit. This gives you everything you need to get started.

Because we offer you the opportunity to pick out your favorite soap styles with the kit, each kit needs to be ordered separately and there is no SKU for the soap starter kit. For the price of the soap ($220.00), you receive the following in your kit:

  • 10 soap loaves of your choice

  • 1 mitre box measuring system to assure consistent slices

  • 1 soap cutter

  • 10 loaf cards matched to the loaves you have ordered

  • 10 loaf pins for mounting the plastic cards to the loaves or

  • on pre-cut slices

  • 100 polypropylene bags for packaging the soap

  • 90 standard slice labels matched to the loaves you have

  • ordered

Note: If you wish to order a starter kit with more than 10 loaves, we will supply enough materials to package and label every loaf you have ordered. Just give us a call on our toll free line at 877NICESUDs and we'll get your starter kit in the mail within a day or so. By the way, we can provide custom slice labels with your store logo for a small extra charge.

Below is a listing of our current soap loaves. Individual slices may also be ordered. We cut a loaf into 8 slices, shrink wrap each slice and label each individual slice. All slice orders must be placed in multiples of 8 slices per style. The wholesale price of each slice is $3.25.

Champagne Kisses Hearts in Love Qwackers Serenity
Scent: Champagne/Almond Cherry Cr. Scent: Blackberry Burst Scent: Citrus Cooler Scent: Lavender
200010135th.jpg (17223 bytes) 200010075th.jpg (23105 bytes)
Butterflies are Free Honey Bears Cherry Kiss Mandarin Surprise
Scent: Summer Slice Scent: Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Scent: Cherry Blast Scent: Juicy Orange & Mango
200010130th.jpg (25403 bytes) 200010195th.jpg (14023 bytes) 200010140th.jpg (21960 bytes) 200010080th.jpg (24929 bytes)
Honey Almond Oatmeal Moonstar Hugs & Kisses Cucumber
Scent: Almond Scent: Moonlight Path Scent: Jasmine Scent: Cucumber
200010160th.jpg (22207 bytes) 200010170th.jpg (21919 bytes) 200010150th.jpg (22079 bytes)
Gum Balls Luscious Lavender Lively Lilac Kissed by Rain
Scent: Bubble Gum Scent: Lavender Scent: Lilac Scent: Spring Rain
200010240th.jpg (17794 bytes) 200010200th.jpg (11742 bytes) 200010210th.jpg (15325 bytes) 200010320th.jpg (12871 bytes)
Ramblin Rose Northwoods Dreamin Patchouli Perfection Wisconsin Cranberry
Scent: Rose Petals Scent: Northwoods Scent: Patchouli Scent: Cranberry
200010250th.jpg (20978 bytes)
Razz-Ma-Tazz Spring Tulips Baby Feet Field of Flowers
Scent: Raspberry Plumeria Scent: Peaches Scent: Gardenia Peach
200010165th.jpg (14240 bytes) 200010287th.jpg (24650 bytes) 200010310th.jpg (14243 bytes)
Splash Liberty Sweet Dreams Watermelon
Scent: Ocean

Scent: Green Apple

Scent: Mom's Apple Pie

Scent: Watermelon Candy

Hey Sailor

Summer Breeze

If you are online, check out our Great Bargains page. Here we are offering greatly discounted prices on foreign made soap loaves as well as on pre-molded soaps such as shells, teddy bears, massage bars and other shapes and fragrances. Everything on this page is on clearance so the supplies are limited.

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