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Bath Salts


Bath salts can be easily made using the same colors and fragrance oils that you are currently using in your soaps.  They provide a nice product line extension for you and can be a nice complement to your soaps.

We have looked for months to obtain a salt crystal that is just the right size for making bath salts.  We have obtained a high quality fine sea salt crystal that is approximately 4 times the size of table salt.  This grain size shows good definition yet is small enough to melt quickly in the bath.  Many of our customers also prefer the larger grain size and still others like to mix them together.  Typically, our sales tend to be equal for both sizes of salt.

We hasten to point out that our natural sea salts are not "Dead Sea Salt".  We do not feel comfortable with the organic matter that is commonly contained in Dead Sea Salt and have decided not to offer this product for the bath.

To further set yourself apart from the competition, how about bath salts that fizz?  Just add sodium bicarbonate and citric acid.  To kick things up a bit more, add some Bubble Magic.  Bubble Magic is available in 8 oz and 128 oz jars.  This will cause the rushing water and the fizzing action to create a carpet of bubbles from the Bubble Magic.  This allows you to offer colored bath salts, colored & fragranced bath salts, colored/fragranced/fizzing bath salts as well as colored/fizzing/foaming bath salts.  We also offer epsom salt which can be added for its healing properties.

Finally, don't forget that packaging is everything.  Our salt tubes are made from PETG and are resistant to the fragrance oils.  Styrene tubes look the same but will be melted by fragrance oils.  Furthermore, our tubes will not break if dropped on the bathroom floor.  These tubes come in two sizes: 8"x1-3/4" and 8"x2".  The smaller tube will hold 3/4 pound of salt and the larger holds 1 pound of salt.  Check them out under the Packaging section.


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