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Molds are grouped by category not by type, so you will find the plastic, rubber and latex molds listed in the following links .  The molds are grouped in categories which are as follows:  Children, Flowers, Geo Shapes, Misc., and Seasonal.

050010080.jpg.gif (18731 bytes)Plastic Molds

We offer a wide selection of vacuum formed plastic molds.  These molds can be used many times with care.  The thumbnail pictures will be expanded to show the entire mold by clicking on the thumbnails on the page.  Some molds offer all the same cavity shape and others offer multiple different cavities.  Each mold base measures 7" x 8" and will show the relative sizes of each cavity. 

Rubber "Insert" Molds050021008.jpg.gif (6456 bytes)                 050021014.jpg.gif (4646 bytes)

These small insert molds are made of vulcanized rubber.  They make approximately 1/2 oz small figures that are ideal for inserting into larger bars of soap, making gel candles or sticking on the outside of candles for decorations.  They also are wonderful to make small wax bars for warming pots.  Each mold is sold in strips and contain 5 cavities. 

Latex 3 D Molds

050022011.jpg (28234 bytes)      050022008.jpg (42458 bytes)     050022002.jpg (28283 bytes)

These latex molds make true 3D figures which are ideal for soaps, candles, and even bath bombs.  You won't believe how easy they un-mold and you can even insert some into a loaf of clear soap for some great designs.



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